APTL Validation 

Accreditation or Validation?

As the founder of Vitality Holistic Massage and Beauty Training  I have written many courses over the years and have always struggled with the authenticity and meaning of the word “Accredited” The word accreditation is often misused in our industry and most organizations offering accreditation are insurance providers. Students often look for the word accredited as security that the course they are undertaking is recognised by an awarding body. This is not always the case. One would expect that an organization  awarding a course an accreditation would also be issuing certification on completion of the course.  This seldom happens. What they will offer is insurance cover.

So does that mean courses written and marketed by independent providers are substandard? Far from it; in fact many independent schools provide training courses that go beyond those offering accredited courses, often providing one to one tuition and excellent opportunities for those wishing to expand their knowledge or start a brand new therapy business.

What does the word "validation" mean? 

Here is the definition: 

  • the action of checking or providing the validity or accuracy of something.
  • the action of making or declaring something legally or officially acceptable.

So let’s talk about Validation.

The APTL are now offering a course validation service to independent  training schools who have written their own courses and wish to have them independently checked and validated for content.

Here are a few FAQ’s

How does the APTL decide which courses can carry the APTL logo and Validation award?

All courses submitted will be checked for content, delivery and assessment protocols.  We also require course providers to observe and comply with UK National Occupational Standards when appropriate to their courses.

Do training schools have to be on the UK Register of Learning Providers?

This is not a requirement at present but training schools can apply for membership of the UKRLP*. All teachers, trainers and tutors must provide proof of a teaching qualification and all tutors who teach on behalf of  independent schools must also proof they have a relevant teaching  qualification. Training schools and their  staff do not have to be members of the APTL but it is desirable. 

*UK Register of Learning Providers The UKRLP is not an accreditation scheme and serves no purpose other to verify that a learning provider is a legal entity and any reference to the UKRLP which may indicate an endorsement of a learning provider by UKRLP is strictly forbidden including the displaying of the UKRLP logo on a website or promotional material. 

How much does it cost to have courses validated by the APTL?

The cost for validating up to 12 courses is £80 for members of the APTL, or £120 for non-members. Additional courses may be validated at £10 per course. There is no annual renewal fee for validation.

If the APTL validates a course does it mean the course is  insurable?

The APTL will check the course content but cannot guarantee insurability. If a training school has an allegiance to a particular company it is always best to check that the course complies with policy terms and conditions.

The Association of Professional Therapists and Lectures does not accept responsibility for the authenticity, copyright, content, insurability, or delivery of courses supplied by our members, tutors, lecturers, and affiliated schools and offers validation in good faith. All documentation to support validation will be protected in accordance with GDPR.  The APTL will not engage in legal proceedings should legal action be taken against members, tutors, or independent schools. Any complaints in whatever form, will result in validation being suspended or rescinded and any payments made in respect of Membership and Validation will not be refunded. 

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