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The Association of Professional Therapists and Lecturers provides an opportunity for Holistic and  Beauty Therapists, Reiki Practitioners, Reiki Masters and Teachers,  Holistic Health Lecturers and Tutors, Sound Healers, Crystal Healers and a myriad of other modalities, to register as Associates and entitles them to a listing in the Directories.  

At the APTL we believe that it is important to provide a Professional Association that supports and motivates dedicated and committed therapists and practitioners who are passionate about Holistic Health and Wellbeing.  

Our website is a platform where we can help match Therapists with Clients looking for a Holistic and Complementary Therapist or Reiki Practitioner, in their location by providing a link to their personal Website and Facebook Page.

Registration is just £18.00 for the first year which includes:

*    Certificate of Membership
*    APTL Lapel Badge
*    A Listing in the Directory of Therapists
*    A Listing in the Directory of Reiki Master Teachers (when applicable)
*    Membership of the APTL Facebook Group
*    Support from our registered APTL Lecturers
*    Regular Newsletter

Membership will run from 1st June - 31st May. 

After the first year, a renewal Fee of £8 a year on 1st June will apply. 

Members will be permitted to use the APTL Logo on their Website and Stationery and use the initials  APTL (Reg)  after their name during the time they are an Associate Member.

Members will uphold the Code of Ethics during their Membership of the Association and will abide by the Terms, Conditions and Rules of Membership

All APTL members are supported by our registered panel of Lecturers and Tutors who offer guidance on all aspects of running a successful business. We also have a dedicated Facebook Page and Facebook Group as extra support
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