We know that you will be keen to return to work as soon as the UK government says it is safe to do so. You may wish to start thinking about ways you can prepare for a gradual return by thinking about measures you can take to ensure you can work in a safe environment to protect yourself and your clients.

When you return to work additional hygiene measures will need to be implemented. You will already clean everyday items used as part of your work such as couches, towels and equipment, but thought should also be given to additional cleaning for everything in the treatment room that a client may come into contact with, such as chairs, doorbells, door handles and many other items. This cleansing will need to be done between each client and be as thorough as possible.

Advice will no doubt be provided by the UK government as to what additional measures may be required, but they are likely to include the use of face masks for the therapist and the client, regular and prolonged washing of hands, the use of hand sanitiser and /or disposable gloves , where possible having a window open to provide ventilation, the wearing of a plastic disposable apron and the removal of any items from the treatment room which are not absolutely necessary. Further measures may also be suggested before a return to work is possible.  

Please remember that you are unable to return to work until you are advised that you can by the government and although a suggested date of 15th August has been suggested, this could be subject to change. 

For the latest Government Information please click on the button below and remember that guidelines are constantly changing so check back regularly for all the latest information.

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