The APTL Guide to Covid-19

 Updated on 29th July 2021

We are hoping that all our members are now back to work and enjoying the process of getting back to normal, albeit with a few changes going forward. 

The last SEISS payment for those affected by lockdowns and a reduction in turnover is now available and we would urge those members who are struggling to apply for the payment. It differs from the previous payments and details can be found on the Government website. It was last updated on the 28th July. Please click on the link box below for advice on how to make a claim. 

As an organisation we are still very small and unlike the established associations and federations,  our budget and man power is limited, so our advice to members continues to be  follow the Guidelines issued by the Government; keep yourself, and your clients safe but also try if you can, to free yourself from the fear. We know it is hard not to worry and be scared, but do your own research, be non judgemental and be true to yourself during these times of transition. 

Please remember, we have members who are meditation teachers and members who are healers, so please reach out if you are struggling emotionally, and make sure that you apply for any available grants if you are struggling financially. These might be Government grants or local council grants.

For the latest Government Information please click on the button below and remember that guidelines are constantly changing so check back regularly for all the latest information.

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