The APTL Guide to Covid-19

 Updated on 24th March 2021

It has been a difficult year and continues to challenge us into 2021, both financially and mentally but the only way to approach the situation is with an open and loving heart and know that  we will all get through this. We have everything crossed that our members will be able to welcome back their clients from 12th April 2021

As an organisaton we are still very small and unlike the established associations and federations,  our budget and man power is limited, so our advice to members is to follow the Guildelines issued by the Governement; keep yourself, and your clients safe but also try if you can, to free yourself from the fear. We know it is hard not to worry and be scared, but do your own research, be non judgemental and be true to yourself during these difficult times. 

Please remember, we have members who are meditation teachers and members who are healers, so please reach out if you are struggling emotionally, and make sure that you apply for any available grants if you are struggling financially. These might be Government grants or local council grants. The next SEISS will be availabe from late April 2021 (date to be announced)  and details can be found on the Government website. 

We know that to date you have all done your best by following the guidelines, you have done your risk assessments and implemented your Covid Safety measures.  Track and Trace and the requirement to display a QR code is a little unclear, especially if you work from home or do home visits. Not every client has a smart phone so in order to comply a Covid-19 consultation form is a wise addition to your normal record keeping.  Click here for information on QR Code and Track and Trace 

For the latest Government Information please click on the button below and remember that guidelines are constantly changing so check back regularly for all the latest information.

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