WellBeing Insurance

It is important to purchase the right insurance for your business. 

Wellbeing Insurance (formerly DSC Insurance Services) arranges insurance for Therapists (Complementary and Beauty).

Who is it for?

WellBeing insurance can accommodate a wide variety of complementary therapy types.  These would generally sit within the broad classifications shown under:

Alternative Medical Systems, often founded from ancient practices and historical cultures and including activities such as Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Naturopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Mind-Body relation therapies that rely on the mind’s ability to facilitate and influence physical change.  Activities would include Hypnosis, Meditation, Mental & Absent Healing, Art, Drama and Music Therapy etc.

Therapies reliant on dietary regulation and/or the ingestion of supplementary preparations, including Herbalism, Dietary Supplementation and Nutritional Therapy and Advice

Bodyworks and Manipulation including Aromatherapy, many Massage types, Reflexology etc.

Energy based therapies that use energy fields and which include many types of Energy Healing and such activities as Reiki, Qi Gong, Therapeutic Touch etc.

Beauty Therapists offering various treatments and Hairdressers can also be accommodated under the scheme.

A WellBeing policy can also include extended Professional Indemnity cover for the teaching/training of other therapists and Public Liability Premises risk (when working from your own home).

Treatment Rooms, Centres and Clinics can all be insured under the scheme too.

Our Affiliate training companies, AuroraStar Holistic Therapies & Training, and Angelic Touch Holistic Therapies & Training courses are accredited by AHTT, Validated by the APTL and Insurable with WellBeing* which shows they meet the highest industry standards.

This means that AuroraStar Holistic Therapies & Training, and Angelic Touch Holistic Therapies & Training Students and Qualified Therapists can obtain insurance cover to practice professionally* 

APTL Members wishing to switch insurers when their policy is up for renewal can contact Nigel Wissett-Warner for a no obligation quote.

For information on WellBeing Insurance please click here

* Terms and Conditions will apply. Always check with your insurance provider as policies and cover can change. 

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