Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire

Sam Lacey (APTL Reg 004)

Town: Bedford

Therapies: Holistic Therapies & Training, Reiki Master Teacher, Soul Midwife, Hedgerow Herbalist, Elemental Celebrant

Company: AuroraStar

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Simone Mcpherson  (APTL Reg 006)

Town: Upper Shelton, Bedford

Therapies: Holistic/Complementary Therapy & Training. Reiki Master/Teacher, Energy Practitioner, Soul Midwife.

Company: Angelic Touch Holistic Therapies & Training

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Justine Hubbard  (APTL Reg 010)

Town: Carlton

Therapies: Holistic Therapy

Company: Blessed Bee Holistic Therapies

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Sharon Mckenna  (APTL Reg 036)

Town: Milton Keynes

Therapies: Holistic Therapy, Reiki Master

Company: Reiki Balance and Massage

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Kanti Freeman (APTL 049)

Town: Bedfordshire/Northampton
Therapies: Sound Therapist, Gong Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Practitioner
Company: Divine Harmony
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Rachel Whitehall (APTL 050)
Town: Buckingham
Therapies: Reiki, Swedish Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Hot Stone Massage, Myofascial Release, Reflexology, Equine Massage.
Company: Tylino Touch/Equine by Tylino Touch
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Julie Raine (APTL Reg 015)

Town: Market Harborough

Therapies: Holistic Therapy, Reiki, Meditation

Company: Tranquility Raine

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Rebecca Burley (APTL Reg 46)

Town; Bourne

Therapies; Reiki, Reflex Zone, Thermal Auricular Therapy (Ear Candling), Crystal Therapy, Distance healing, Card readings, Soul Midwife

Company; Silver Birch Healing

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Susan Davis Founder of the APTL (APTL Reg 001) 
Town: Rothwell
Therapies: Holistic Therapy. Reiki Master/Teacher, Reiki Drum
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Lyn Jones  (APTL Reg 005)
Town: Oundle
Therapies: Holistic Therapy,  Beauty Therapy, Reiki Master/Teacher, Hypno-birthing and Antenatal
Company: Athene Wellbeing
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Gemma Byron  (APTL Reg 007)
Town: Burton Latimer
Therapies: Sports Massage, Holistic Therapy, Medical Acupuncture 
Company: GemzBeauti
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Wioletta Borowiec (APTL Reg 017)
Town: Northampton
Therapies: Holistic Therapy,  Acupuncture, Cupping, Basic TCM
Company: Head to Toe
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Bianca Bond (APTL Reg 020)
Town: Desborough
Therapies: Holistic Therapy and Fitness Training
Company: Fitness and Therapy
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Steve Rawson (APTL Reg 023)
Town: Corby
Therapies: Holistic Therapy
Company: Steve Rawson
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Jane Walker (APTL Reg 028)
Town: Kettering
Therapies: Reiki, Medical Acupuncture, Level 4 Sports/Deep Tissue Massage, Pregnancy, Indian Head, Hot Stones, Swedish Massage, Reflexology, Holistic Facial & Manual Lymphatic Drainage.
Company: Bonkers Massage
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Samantha Wilder (APTL Reg 039)
Town: Thrapston
Therapies: Reflexology
Company: Sole Relaxation


David Haworth (APTL Reg 043)
Town: Abingdon
Therapies: Yoga, NLP Master Practitioner,  Holistic Therapies, Reiki
Company: Natural Touch Training
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Michelle Claridge (APTL Reg 045)
Town: Littleborough
Therapies: Holistic Therapies, Beauty Therapies, Reiki
Company: The Beauty Barn
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West Midlands

Kerry Dawes (APTL Reg 048)
Town: Wolverhampton, West Midlands
Therapies: Metatron Colour Therapy, Jharra Healing, Tarot Reading, Guided Meditation
Company: Moon in Libra Healing and Guidance
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West Yorkshire

Jackie Netherwood (APTL Reg 029)
Town: Brighouse 
Therapies: Holistic Therapy, Sound Healing, Past Life Regression, Card Reading, Himalayan Salt Stone Massage, 
Reiki Master, Meditation Teacher
Company: Dragon Rose Holistics
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Jackie Netherwood (APTL Reg 029)
Town: Brighouse 
Therapies: Nutrition (Level 4) Focused Mindfulness, Mindfulness for Children, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Mindfulness Based CBT, Walk Leader. 
Company: Feel Good Naturally

Sharon Anne Thomas (APTL Reg 031)
Town: Long Lee, Keighley
Therapies: Holistic Therapy Tutor, Beauty Therapy, Yoga Teacher, Pregnancy and Baby Massage, Meditation Leader, Ho'oponopono Practitioner, Reiki Master
Company: Rebalance Holistic
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